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woven lables Woven Labels
Basic on the 20 year's experiences of label's production, our company provided the variety of woven label design, produce and post-processing, such as laser cutting, embossing, puffing and ultra-sonic slitting through the weaving techno, yarn's color selection and collocation to achieve different requirements of customer.

Printing Hangtags
Hangtags carries selling details and informative print, achieve customer desired look and value-added effect. Our company satisfies the different need of our clients such as numerous designs, colors selection and paper quality.

Printed Labels
Under our professional print selection, we offer several colors on ground and they can withstand commercial wash-testing. The labels are suitable for different kinds of garment use, and we offer a flexible and excellent solution both for large and small orders.

Jacquard Tapes
Orientated on the customerís demand to manufacture the different kinds of jacquard tapes with composition of colorful yarn, the product suitable for the different kinds of garment product which enhance the sense of products more fashionable.

Leather Patches
The rich relief effect can be get in leatherette, plain or raw leather structure with several colors association along with rubber, leather labels under our professional design, and they withstand both washing and dying. We offer a competitive price for all quantity of orders. 

Silicon Patches and Rubberized Puller
With the characteristic of rubber patches, such as washable, durable, rubber patches are rapidly popularity in garment's fields. Our company provided full range of exquisite patches suitable for all types of garments.

Puffing Labels and Zipper Puller
We offer a fashionable label series to achieve the variety of customer' requirement. Basic on our advanced looms and trained workforce, we can offer beautiful and detailed pattern on the label with different modeling, such as woven pocket, puffing labels and garment zipper puller etc, from design, color selection to manufacture, and enhance the garment products more prettily.

Laser Cutting Labels


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